1. #newyearnewme #jk

  2. let’s be real.

  3. I finally caved and watched the dove real beauty sketches viral ad. If only I could have participated.

  4. My neighbor Don has five sticks. From left to right: his bar hopping stick (conversation starter), the big stick, the show stick he made from bamboo he he got on the coast (graduations, events, etc), his police stick (not big enough to confiscate), and his answering the door stick. (at Austin, TX)

  5. Pants are the worst!

  6. Tamara vs The Left Out On The Counter Overnight Tamale

  7. People at the grocery store (Taken with Instagram)

  8. People watching on my lunch break.

  9. big mouth at the bar shuuuuut uuuup

  10. Law & Order has the best quotes.

  11. Sometimes I need a little motivation.

  12. when are you gonna grow, cat?

  13. dim sum anxiety

  14. my commute // characters

  15. If I could make a living off drawing sexy, indifferent women, I would.